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is the market leading Automatic Cell Planning (ACP) tool.

Capesso™ delivers results and performance.  Symena’s customers chose Capesso™ for the best results more quickly than any other planning method.

Capesso™ combines data about the radio network with planning objectives like coverage, capacity and quality to automatically find the best network design based on that information.  Capesso™ delivers better plans!

Capesso™ is complementary to your existing planning and propagation software.  It builds on your investment in that software by automating the multiple network processes.  Capesso™ is tightly integrated with all leading commercial radio network planning tools including AIRCOM ASSET and Mentum Planet

Capesso™ delivers great value across the full spectrum of cellular radio standards and their high performance extensions including LTE, WCDMA, CDMA, GSM, WiMAX and WiFi.


Capesso™ Drive Test

Capesso™ Drive Test is an automatic drive test optimization module that features straight forward data quality tests, streamlined direct data input and the weighted and combined use of drive test measurements with other sources, such as predictions and live network data.  Available for LTE, CDMA and UMTS when the module is combined with Capesso™ it´s ideal for efficient and effective post-build network optimization.

“We are particularly impressed with the level and speed of Capesso™. The results are clearly superior to competitive products.”  Director, Network Planning major European operator group.


Capesso™ - now on video
A quick introduction to Capesso™ AI, the version for AIRCOM ASSET, can be seen here (2min)


AIRCOM Whitepaper - Setting Optimisation Targets

This paper looks at a method where simple but powerful analysis tools are employed to quickly customise an optimisation strategy to maximise the network’s performance indicators.
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Capesso™ Live Trial Results

Using Capesso™ to improve the performance of a live multi-system network
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Customer Reference and Use Cases - Capesso™ LTE

See typical Customer References and Use Cases. Available for Capesso™ LTE and Capesso™ AI LTE.
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The Value of Automatic Cell Planning

Using Capesso™ to improve the performance of a UMTS Network.
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LTE Network Design using Capesso™ LTE

How Capesso™ LTE can be used to plan and deliver the best outcomes for the next generation of networks
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Measured Improvement delivered by Capesso™

Network performance improvements delivered by Capesso™ and measured with before and after drive testing
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